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This eclipse will highlight those subjects ruled by Jupiter, including education, travel, parenthood, and spiritual advancement. Sign up for my free Vedic astrology newsletter for more info on the upcoming eclipses. In the meantime, buckle your cosmic seat belt and let Jupiter expand your consciousness.

Eclipse Breakthroughs! Feb 5-11, 2017 Astrology Horoscope by Nadiya Shah

Learn more about how the auspicious transit of Jupiter into Sagittarius will affect you! Watch Jupiter Transits Video for all 12 signs — with Tarot reading. Shadows are lengthening and daylight hours are growing shorter. The power of darkness is encroaching, but this new moon's got a spark of inner light.

Astrocartography Archives | Page 18 of 76 | Maya White Astrology

The new moon of Oct 27, exact at pm PT falls in the Hindu festival of lights - Diwali - the celebration of the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, and hope over despair. Starting Oct 25, Diwali's a five day festival when family and friends come together, homes are cleaned and freshly painted, and lamps called diyas light up the night. This is a time to set intentions for increased health, wealth and happiness in your life and the lives of those you love. The new moon falls in the area of the sky called Swati nakshatra , star of self-actualization.

Swati is symbolized by a young sprout blowing in the wind and holds a tenacious power to thrive in times of instability. There's a flexible and unbreakable spirit within Swati that grows stronger against incredible odds.

The planet of hope and idealism enters high-minded Sagittarius, its Mulatrikona sign and luckiest position in the Zodiac. In Vedic astrology, Jupiter is called "guru," as it teaches spiritual truth and compassion. But take heed, the days surrounding this planetary transit could be turbulent and surprising. Learn more about how the auspicious transit of Jupiter into Sagittarius will affect you. The heavy influence of Saturn with the tail of the shadow snake, Ketu , in a formation called Kala Sarpa Yoga Serpent of Time continues to accelerate karmic cleansing and transformation on a global level.

Issues of climate change, political corruption, and general uncertainty have been growing, as outdated systems fall away. A sense of hopelessness can go hand in hand with intense astrological weather, so take advantage of this auspicious new moon.

Solar Eclipse Meaning

Solar eclipse to your Mercury: Surprise news. Sudden communication. Shift in the life of your brother or sister. Solar eclipse to your Jupiter: Changes in luck, up or down. Unexpected trip or travel. New learning.

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Difficulties with boss or job- or sudden change in job. Solar eclipse to your Uranus: Not a personal planet- generational for all born in a years time frame- sudden need for freedom. Solar eclipse to your Neptune: Not a personal planet- generational for a couple of years- feelings descend of desire for the life once imagined. Solar eclipse to your Pluto: Not a personal planet- generational: Going to the depths of soul to retrieve once again true passion and purpose for ones life. We have a very interesting solar eclipse upon us. It occurs the same day as the sun moving into Aries heralding the equinox.

The feeling of teeter tottering between uncertainty and head strong gusto is embodied with this energy.

It will be visible in England and Scotland, astrologers of old would predict that when an eclipse is visible over a country it foretells a significant change within the empire. This new moon in Pisces solar eclipse is connected to the last new moon in Aquarius.

soul purpose

Think back to the middle of February, was there anything in your life where you felt confined or frustrated over? This solar eclipse can shatter the wall of confinement to move you to take action. Yet this Solar Eclipse is connected to a fixed star Scheat, symbolic of sorrow and suffering. Benjamin explores the weekly transits and astrological influences every week.

He also uses personal charts that listeners send in to explore issues that come up for people listening. He is great to listen to and is very knowledgable.

I recommend his podcast to anyone interested in astrology and especially if they are interested in learning! Apple Podcasts Preview. Show 10 More Episodes. Customer Reviews See All.

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