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However, it may be best to not have a plan and instead allow fate or synchronicity to carry you to your destination.

It is important to have a degree of faith because the events of this week might bring about doubts or questions. Be prepared for delays and glitches, but know that these are merely testing your faith. Indra Report.

This is not a flowers and sunshine journey. It is a trip to encounter your deeply hidden self — the place within you where your demons and fears reside. This will tke a certain amount of courage, but courage is one thing that you have in spades. Child Astrology Report.

Virgo : Forgiveness and compassion are likely to be the solution to any problems in your dealings with others. However, other people hold the key to yur success and well-being. They might take the form of a healer, a guide or an advisor. Therefore, this is a good week to ask for help, whether you request an ear to listen or a healing hand to soothe your pains, so aim to connect with others and allow a two-way flow of healing to take place.

The results, if not miraculous, could be very uplifting. Want a birthday to birthday practical guide to help you recognize opportunities and to learn from them.

Astrological Solar Return Report. Libra : When it comes to your health and your work and the two might be more strongly connected than you might think , the key is to adopt a gentle approach. Punishing regimens are not the way forward right now — be it a heavy and demanding workload, a high-pressured job, or a rigorous exercise schedule. You will benefit more from adopting the practices of a Zen Buddhist. Softness is the healing balm. Take a soft approach to your work, your chores and your exercise regimen. You should seek to do that which inspires you rather than putting up with situations that feel monotonous.

It seems Neptune is asking you to refine certian aspects of your daily life so that your time becomes a source of inspiration — to yourself as well as others. Want to know the actual dates when the energies will influence your life in money, career, relationships, and communicaton?

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Leo: Your daily horoscope - December 03

Astro Forecast Report 3 months. Scorpio : As Mercury slips backward through your creativity zone, you can expect to have one or two hiccups with any of the following: children, animals, creative projects, love affairs or on a more abstract level, the need to be more authentic. Therefore, if your plans go astray, it might actually not be a bad thing since you might find yourself having a better time. So take any invitation to take a break from work to do something fun.

Leo Daily Horoscope

Your inner child will thank you for it. Want a one year forecast to understand the scope of influence for your personal Cards of Destiny?

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Cards of Destiny Report. Sagittarius : We could see the current planetary picture as revealing the need to come home to yourself. Clues that your soul needs attention: periodically feeling down, confused or anxious. This can easily be cured by doing something you enjoy.

leo Horoscope

Also, spending time in contemplative activities such as writing a journal, talking with a counselor, or sorting through your photograph album are all progressive ways of using the current energies. Contemplating a move? This report tells how you will react to the energies of the specific locations for relationships, finances, and security. Relocation Information Report. Capricorn : Although it might appear so, reality is not fixed. You can tell how reality can immediately change when you change your way of thinking. The more you resist it, the more it persists. It seems that you have a choice to create difficulties for yourself by struggling against what is or making life easier by simply letting things go.

This week, try to be soft and malleable in your approach, and then you might notice reality shifting around you as it reflects you new way of thinking. Discover your character traits, relationship and career potentials — based on Edgar Casey Readings. Cayce Past Life Report. Aquarius : With Mercury retrograding through your money zone, this is the perfect time to resolve any niggling difficulties with financial matters — from tying up loose ends to sorting out problems. If you do, be very mindful and check everything carefully. That said, it is a good time to go back over existing contracts and agreements, as you may benefit from negotiating a better deal.

Today's Readings for You

In short, this is a favorable time to review your material world and make the necessary improvements. Discover your past life connections that can carry over into your current life, accounting for interests, habits, even phobias. Karmic Past Life Report. A writer, for example, needs to have the bare bones of the plot in mind.

And of course, no one would start building a house without first building the foundation. If you feel the desire to run before you can walk or to cut corners, pause and consider whether your preparations are really good enough. Avoid the temptation to take on too much or to rush things. Be realistic in your endeavors. Karmic Insight Report. Things will remain normal at work and the day will be good for students. Suggestion: Feed green fodder to a cow. Daily horoscope Cancer Cancer sign people will get pleasant information related to their work-sphere.

You will get the patronage and support of your seniors. There might be a rise in your income and respect in society. Daily horoscope Leo Leo sign people will have to put in extra effort in their work. They will not get adequate support from their colleagues. Suggestion: Offer water and prayer to Sun god early in the morning. Business people might face difficulties in establishing a balance with their partners. You might have to spend on governmental work.

Suggestion: Worship Lord Ganesha. Daily horoscope Libra Libra sign people will get profit related to their business or job. They will feel enhanced love towards their life partner.

Birthday Compatibility & Zodiac Horoscope

Suggestion: Offer flowers with fragrance to Goddess Durga. Daily horoscope Scorpio Scorpio sign people may face a mental tension of some kind. If you have applied for a loan it will get through. There are chances of a monetary gain. Your bones may give you some difficulty. It will be a good day for teachers. Daily horoscope Capricorn Capricorn sign people will experience enhanced pleasures. They will spend on purchasing household items. There are chances of a sudden monetary gain.